What is a Designer Bag? Are they Overrated and What is The Hype?


Posted on December 18 2018

What is a Designer Bag? Are they Overrated and What is The Hype?

Be it Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Michael Kors bags; we know how much women love their designer bags. This often puzzles many people as they wonder why women, and also a number of men, fuss over bags made by designers when there are a number of other functional and less expensive options for handbags. Well if you haven’t noticed, most people love all the luxuries life has to offer, and designer bags are one of these luxuries. 

Who doesn't want a custom-made Burberry, or want to flaunt the latest Chanel bag all over their social media? Believe it or not, a high end bag can cause an eruption of shrieks and screams and can give the perception of class and sophistication, so of course, people will want to go all out for it! Before going on to explain further what the hype surrounding luxury bags are, lets first talk about what designer bags are. 

What are designer bags? 

There is an array of designers but we have all grown up with at least one recognised household brand nameBut what do all these designers have in common? What constitutes a designer to be a designer? Below we mention just a few attributes that separates the cream from the crop.  

  • Quality 

The sheer quality of designer bags supersedes any other high street branded bag. Its craftsmanship is pure art to be displayed in all its glory. Its superiority will make you double take on first sight. 

hermes designer bag close up  

I remember when I first purchased my Louis Vuitton Neverfall GM, I walked out of that store walking on air! I had this immense sense of achievement (pathetic I know). When I got home and unboxed it, I didn’t want to touch it the wrong way... Yea that’s how bags it was. It was my first biggest and most expensive purchase at the age of 22.  But it was short lived, my mum had her eye on it and was insisting she would purchase her own. I gifted it to her with the deal I could use it sometimes when she wasn’t. Yea that never happened. She still uses that bag till today. That bag is like a fine wine.. It looks finer and sexier as it matures.  

Designers pride themselves in exclusivity, there is no inclusivity in high end ticket items let’s be clear. They were never meant to be, the whole point is to do what others do not do. Hand stitching bags, can you imagine the time, the accuracy and skill you must have to perfect every stitch in a bag? Please believe, this is just one feature many acclaimed designers do for absolute perfection. Using lambskin or calfskin. I don’t mean to be crude but they go as far as to provide the best, yet softest yet supple high-quality leather from young animals.  

Disclaimer: Please, may the animal rights groups not come down on me, I am only saying what everyone else knows or should know. FYI I haven’t even mentioned the python skin used for their clutch bags or totes but we won't go down that road.  

The manufacturing process is also carried out with care. If you watch fashion behind the scenes, then you should have a picture of how much designers cherish their reputation. They expect spotless and seamless finishes, they strive for absolute perfection in every bag they make. This cannot be said for high street inexpensive bag options. Yeah, regular handbags might have some captivating designs, but then the makers don't have a reputation to protect like famous designers, so the quality is like chalk and cheese.  

  • Exclusive  

As mentioned, prior, designers primarily focusing on a particular type of customer persona, therefore, are not particularly inclusive but more exclusive. 

Alright, I am about to mention a beloved brand I have NOT had the pleasure or privilege to purchase anything from for this exact reason.  

designer bag hermes birkin

Hermes. They are likely the worst offender concerning brand exclusivity. You would think with all the money in the world you can just waltz into their tore pick whatever you want and waltz out with your bright orange shopping bags for the world to stare in awe and envy. But no. That is not the case. Hermes are prolifically known for their exclusivity based of how you purchase from them. There are rules and conditions you must pass and even when you do you need to know someone who knows someone to get you a pass to get the infamous Birkin or Kelly bag. It’s not cut throat simple either. They make you work and frustrate the hell out of you before you get a chance to land your hands on them. This only adds even further exclusivity and superiority and hence why Hermes command anywhere between a whopping 10k-300k for just 1 bag.  

  • Long Life Expectancy 

People are more than willing to save up to buy a designer bag because they know it won't just look good or boost their social status but it will also be durable and useful for an extended period of time. If you doubt this, you can ask your mum for that Louis Vuitton bag she bought years ago and check just how solid it still looks. You might probably have seen it and mistaken it for a present your dad recently gave her! 

If you also don’t mind carrying out the experiment yourself, you can purchase a designer bag just for the sake of it, and check just how long it will last. You might actually get tired of the bag and pass it on to your children in decades to come! 

Designers are well aware of the fact that while there are people who buy their bags on a whim, there are others who save to purchase them. For this reason, they reward the loyalty of their customers with bags which might just outlast them. 

  • Timeless feature 

For me personally, I purchased my first designer bag because I knew it would remain timeless. It would be in trend today and out of fashion tomorrow. It would forever remain in vogue. They all have a timeless feature that makes purchasing them an investment.

When you purchase a designer bag, as long as it isn’t a ‘limited edition’ bag, you don’t have to worry about being unable to take the bag out at some point. Basically, if a bag is made with such good quality that it can literally outlast you, then it should also be timeless. What is the point of having a sturdy bag if you won't be able to take it out after a year? This is why you can scan through your mother’s wardrobe, spot her old but gold Prada bag and have people gasping at your arm when you step out. Designers, just like other creatives, also love to look back at their old designs and appreciate them; hence they put in the effort to ensure that they create timeless pieces. 

  • Status 

Status is one of the major reasons people go crazy over designer bags. A designer bag can make people assume your status longer than it’ll take them to if you actually give out money daily! Even if you aren’t the wealthiest person on earth, as long as you have a designer bag, everyone will regard you as though you are. It is unspoken truths in the eyes of particularly women. A depth of envy and a tinge of hate when they see you in an item they couldn’t afford. Strangers will see your bag and either immediately love you or envy you. This makes it worth the money. When you receive this kind of attention from friends and strangers alike, your self-confidence will be boosted. 

  • Functionality 

Now you are probably wondering, asides all the glamour that comes with owning a designer bag, is it also functional? Can it carry all my belongings? Does it have the right compartments for me to keep my items separately? Well of course! Designer bags vary in sizes based on what you need. If you want a big bag which can contain your small makeup purse as well as your phone and other accessories, there are definitely big designer bags to meet the occasion. If what you require is a portable handbag to enhance your look, then you can definitely find a designer bag of the size. 

Designer bags also contain different compartments and pockets where you can arrange your belongings properly. Just as designers put effort into making other features of a designer bag perfect, they also put the same effort into the bag's functionality. When considering this you can ask yourself ‘if designer bags were not fully functional, will so many people be going crazy over them?’ The answer to this is no. Hence if designer bags are functional and also come with all the benefits listed above, then it is definitely worth the hype. 

Bottom Line 

Designer bags are not overhyped. If anything, they do not get enough hype! So, if with all of these perks mentioned, you find yourself craving to buy a designer bag, then you should. Do not let the opinions of people who have not enjoyed the luxury of these beauties discourage you. Everyone, man and woman, has a right to feel and look glamorous. It is also okay to be a little extravagant sometimes and spoil yourselflife’s too short. 

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