Top 7 Styling Tips for Plus Size Semi-Formal Dresses!


Posted on April 15 2019

Top 7 tips for styling plus size semi formal dresses

When it comes to shopping for plus size formal dresses, the internet is overflowing with information, tips and suggestions. Mainly, because it is an area where experts think they could offer the best of advice to brides or wedding guests who might be looking for fashion hacks to look their best on a big day. Despite having a treasure box of information on how to pick the best plus size formal dresses for curvy women, there is not much discussion available on plus size semi-formal dresses. We mean, when you are not pulling off a denim top and mom jeans or not going full on diva in a silk wrap dress – how would you style yourself in semi-formal attire to present yourself in the best style?
To cater to the void that exist on providing helpful and practical fashion advice to curvy or/and plus size fashionistas, let us discuss some plus size semi-formal dresses inspirations and styling tips. Also, curvy doesn’t always means plus size! And plus size is not just one shape! Since, we, as a brand label, highly respect, endorse and spread inclusivity, we would be talking about both curvy babes and plus size divas. Moreover, we have incorporated dresses recommendation that would sit well with all plus size body types including hourglass, apple, and pear.
Let us discuss in detail seven plus size semi-formal dresses that we deem perfect for your closet for a confident, comfy and chic you!

1.   A Peplum Jacket in Military Print

army green peplum jacket sequin plus sizesequin peplum plus size jacket military

Peplum tops look uber-chic on curvy beauties! It’s the perfect way to accentuate your curves and stay comfortable without having to feel that you are on display. To spin things in a chic and modern way, try on a peplum jacket in a retro military print adorned with sequin or a little embroidery. Go for something with a tie so you could create an illusion of a narrow waist.
There are two ways to style this top: an evening and a night look. For a casual evening wear it with black pants and slide-on slippers. For a semi-formal event, gathering or dinner, wear it with a black pencil skirt and strappy ankle heels. Add on some hoops and statement bracelets for more drama and enjoy your night out.
Military or camouflage print has a nice edge to it and coupled with something fancy such as sequin would give it a very unique and different outlook. Just by the way, you can totally wear this jacket with jeans during the day to work for a smart casual look.

2.   A Ruffled Bottom Maxi Dress

When red feels too siren and black a little too formal, royal blue or green is a great choice of outfit for a semi-formal night. Plus size maxi dresses make for great outfit choice for both hourglass and pear shaped women. Get yourself a maxi dress that’s custom fit to your measurements and made with nice stretchy fabric so as to enhance your curves. We really dig the ruffled bottom style for night events that gives an illusion of a fish tail gown but is a little less elaborate and a little more chic.
To dress it down further a notch, you can use a thin leather belt as an add on accessory and a crop jacket in ethnic tribal print to keep things elegant and poised yet a little contemporary and relaxed. Wear it with classic pointed toe stilettos. This would actually make for a great office party dress for when you want to look professional yet not too bossy! Want more structure to it? Add a power blazer on top!

3.    A Floral Maxi Dress with Double Slits

Plus size maxi dresses, as we elaborated earlier, are our favourite silhouette for plus size beauties. However, if a monochromatic maxi dress appears too bland or too rigid for your taste for a destination daytime wedding or a birthday party, try going the floral route. Out of all the prints you could possibly think to don, a floral palette is always the wisest fashion choice. Pick something autumnal for a soft bohemian romantic vibe.
Keep things sassy and sexy with double frontal slits; show some legs and wear high heels to keep things fierce. A bodysuit lining in a dress like that would add more grace and structure to the dress. Accessorise with tear drop earrings and heels. Pull your hair back in a band for nostalgic 80s vibes.

4.  A Jumpsuit with Attached Skirt

jumpsuit with skirt plus size formal
Do you shy away from wearing a jump suit because it makes you a little too conscious about your body shape? Jumpsuits and overalls have seen a pretty enthusiastic revival on the fashion scene ever since the resurgence of retro wave and vintage inspired mood boards during the recent fashion weeks. Jumpsuits look fabulous on column and carrot shaped women but it is understandable for others to feel a little threatened by it!
But – if you are a curvy or/and gorgeous plus size women, try on a jumpsuit with attached skirt to it This would be a nice way to try the trend and the attached skirt would add a pretty feminine soft romantic touch to it. Perfect to be worn to weddings as a guest. A pair of matching block heels, gold statement bracelets and stacked necklaces is how we recommend accessorising this one.

5.   Medium Length Bodycon Dresses with Front Zipper

There is something very sexy about zippers and embellishment! Sometimes, a simple and plain front zipper would create more drama than a plunging neckline; it all depends on how you style your dress. Bodycon dresses are excellent outfit choice for plus size women. For a great plus size semi-formal dress pick, a printed or embellished bodycon dress with sleeves or a front zipper would fit the bill perfectly.
Wear it with heels of course! You can add a kimono jacket on top of it to create more dimension to your outfit. As a matter of fact, these fancy embellished jackets are fantastic fashion choices for plus size women. You can layer one on top of a simple black jeans and blouse and it would instantly get a very fancy, semi-formal outlook.

6.  A Vintage Inspired Wrap Dress
Wrap dresses would forever be in style. For curvy women, they are the easiest way to glam up without having to think too much. If you are running out of ideas for a semi-formal event, get a vintage inspired wrap dress. Get something with ruffles along the neckline and sleeves for a girly chic look. Very Kate Middleton; very royal; very classy.
Wear it with kitten heels, a nice hair do and a bright pout!

7.  A Bardot Dress with a Pencil Skirt Silhouette

For summers in particular, bardot dresses are excellent choices of outfit for BBQ parties, outdoor gatherings and other low-key events! Something lightweight and comfortable that accentuates your curves while masking what you don’t need to be emphasized would be a great place to start with.
We love this dress because it encapsulates the feminine charms of a bardot necklines with the classic elegance of pencil skirt silhouette. This is how you do your semi-formal dresses right!

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