The Truth About Plus Size Models and The Runway


Posted on November 30 2018

The Truth About Plus Size Models and The Runway

Let’s get real here for a sec, shall we?

Being a plus size lady in a “one size fits all” world is no easy task.

Who hears us on this?

Seriously, think about it. Between a lack of plus size fashion brands skewed sizing, and the typical matronly plus size styles floating around, we’re sure we can all agree, when you’re a women with curves, having shops like Regal Gold Boutique  can be a true lifesaver when it comes to getting your style on.

But hey, simply focusing on the negative will never change anything.  

For change to occur, and for plus size women to really see themselves fairly represented on the runway, we need to not only draw attention to the issue, but also point out all the triumphs of plus size models that we’ve already seen take place.   

We need to show the fashion industry that curves are beautiful, sexy, and most certainly worthy of stunning clothes. ‘Cause seriously, plus size ladies know better than anyone else: we fill out clothing like champs.

So let’s get ready for a change, but let’s bring it about in a positive way. Who’s in?

Here are just some of our picks for moments we’ve seen throughout the years of plus size models killing it on the runway:

Ashley Graham Walks For Michael Kors


Image via Elle

Who can forget the time Ashley Graham walked for the Michael Kors’s Autumn 2017 show? We know we can’t. These images floated around on the internet like wildfire the moment after the show took place.

And yes, while this certainly wasn’t the first time a plus size model had strutted down the runway, it was historic considering just the previous season Kors had made a statement about how including plus size models in his lineup would be difficult.

And yet, he did it!

The always gorgeous Ashley flaunted her curves in a form fitting, grey, knit dress, complete with a furry shrug.

And let’s not forget that thigh high side split! Oh yes, we love ourselves a good thigh split on a curvy women. Does it get much sexier?

No doubt about it: Ashley killed it walking for Michael kors

Barefaced and Plus Size at Michael Kors

Barefaced and Plus Size at Michael Kors

Image via The Fashion Spot

Speaking of Michael Kors and Ashley Graham, let’s chat about this dynamic duo for just another sec.

Did you hear that for the designer’s Spring/Summer 2018 show he actually had all the models walking with little to no makeup? (a.k.a. something that is typically unheard of when talking about runway fashion)

The idea behind this bold move was to make the models look less like done-up pageant queens, and more like real women, reminding us that...

All women are beautiful, with or without makeup.

All women are beautiful, with or without curves.

Which is why it raised our spirits so much to see that Kors once again acknowledged this idea by including plus size models, like Kate Upton, Ashley Graham, and Sabina Karlsson, in his runway line up.

Michael Kors is a brand that understands the beauty of women lies within, and represents that idea across the board.

Big thumbs up from us over at Regal Gold Boutique, Mr. Kors.

Ten Plus Size Models Walk in Christian Siriano Show

Ten Plus Size Models Walk in Christian Siriano Show

Image via @CSiriano

Another designer who’s helping to drive the plus size fashion movement forward is Christian Siriano.

In his latest show for Spring/Summer ‘18, Siriano cast models ranging from size 2 to size 16, and of the 53 looks he sent down the runway, 10 of them were worn by curvy women, including Iskra Lawrence, Jocelyn Corona, and Alek Wek.

And no doubt about it: all 10 plus size women who walked for the brand killed it on the runway!

Just take a peek at how stunning all three of these ladies look in their evening wear. 

plus size fashion movement forward is Christian Siriano

Image via Cosmopolitan

Total curvy babes, right?

This whole show itself was a moment where multiple plus size models killed it walking the runway, and we’ve got no complaints here.

Plus Size Women Are Models Too

It would be easy enough to go on and on about all the times plus size women have killed it on the runway.

Whether it be Alessandra Garcia-Lorido for Dolce and Gabbana

Alessandra Garcia-Lorido for Dolce and Gabbana

Image via Vogue

Or Denise Bidot for Chromat.

Or Denise Bidot for Chromat

Image via Cosmopolitan

Or Candice Huffine for Prabal Gurung.  

Candice Huffine for Prabal Gurung

Image via Fashionista

All these ladies and their fellow plus size models shine bright when walking down the runway.

So let’s end with a quick anecdote to hopefully help remind us all that plus size women are just as capable of modelling as their peers….

As she prepared to walk her first show ever, young plus size model, Natalie Nootenboom, encountered a situation she probably never would have been faced with had she been traditionally “thin.”

The plus size model was mistaken as a backstage worker.

Yes, when other workers saw her backstage, they questioned which team Nootenboom belonged to, wrongfully assuming she couldn’t be a model.

Are you feeling your temper flare? Is your blood boiling?

Stay calm, ladies.

While we completely understand the frustration that can come from hearing a story like this, remember: while we can let our disappointment in the fashion industry manifest itself in the form of anger, we can also let it drive us to help make a change.

To help spread the word that plus size women need to be represented on the runway.

To help drive awareness to the fact that women of all sizes should be able to wear whatever designer brand they want to.

To help women from all over the world know that they are seen, heard, and most importantly, that they are beautiful.

Your dress size is just a number. Never forget that.

Draw attention to the all the steps forward the plus size market is making, but at the same, never be afraid to speak up for yourself.

To demand inclusion.

Trust us, it matters.

Curves matter.

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