The plus size women’s clothing that actually made non-plus size women jealous


Posted on April 11 2017

The plus size women’s clothing that actually made non-plus size women jealous

For many women, deciding what to wear on a daily basis can be a stressful decision. It’s undeniable that there are way less choices that are available when it comes to plus size women’s clothing; also, the majority of fuller figured women’s clothing are dowdy, boring, and do nothing for the figure.

That having been said, as long as you look hard enough, you can still find stylish, fun items which will make you want to show off your outfit to the world. Need a little inspiration? Here are 7 plus size women’s clothing which plus size women carried off so well, they actually made average size women jealous!

#1: This unabashedly bright yellow dress

Credits: @girlwithcurves

Kelsey, size 6, says: “Tanesha looks super gorgeous in this dress – her curves fill the dress out so well, and the cheery yellow colour is really infectious. I can’t help but smile at this picture!”

#2: This trendy tropical print dress

Credits: @mariesouthardospina

Magdalene, size 6, says: “Marie pulls this dress off super well – she’s making me want to go out and hunt it down so I can get one for myself!”

#3: This intricately patterned orange dress

Credits: @taralynn

Sarah, size 8, says: “I’ve never liked skater dresses before, but I think I just might have to change my mind. Taralynn looks stunning in this dress!”

#4: This luxe red coat

Credits: @chloeincurve

Jasmine, size 2, says: “I’d give anything to look as regal and beautiful as Chloe does in that coat. She looks like she’s ready to conquer the world.”

#5: This floaty blue dress

Credits: @withwonderandwhimsy

Nicole, size 8, says: “This dress looks perfect for twirling around in, and Liz carries it off so well! I definitely need a dress like this in my closet.”

#6: This flirty green dress

Credits: @chanelambrose

Delia, size 8, says: “The pleats are so fun and the neckline is super sexy as well! Chanel is making me want to buy this dress, pronto.”

#7: This killer all-black look

Credits: @nicolettemason

Charlene, size 10, says: “Um, Nicolette pretty much looks flawless here. I want EVERYTHING – her belt, her jacket, her pants, her shoes. She looks amazing in this outfit.”


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