The ONE worst mistake Women make when it comes to Plus Size Clothing


Posted on December 15 2018

The ONE worst mistake Women make when it comes to Plus Size Clothing

Today, we’d like to discuss the one worst mistake women make when it comes to plus size clothing. Simply put, it’s letting fashion magazines and mainstream media dictate what you wear, and subsequently ending up miserable.

We’ve seen this play itself out so. many. times. SO many plus size women feel powerless when it comes to finding an avenue to rock the fashions and styles they want – and for some reason, we keep pigeonholing ourselves and dressing according to other people’s expectations. The truth is? There’s no one hard and fast rule that you need to adhere to. There’s no fashion police, and definitely no fashion gods residing in the heavens above which will punish you for, say, daring to step out of the house in a cropped top (which by the way looks AMAZING on full figured women!). 

If you’ve been feeling restricted when it comes to plus size womens clothing, consider this your moment of empowerment. We’ve put together a list of beautiful curvy women who have flouted all the plus size fashion rules we can think of (looking great whilst they’re at it!) – and if they can do it, you can too.

Rule 1: Don’t wear anything sheer

Sheer apparel isn’t reserved for size 2 models. Anyone and everyone can look good in sheer outfits, as evidenced by Nicolette in this picture.

Credits: @nicolettemason/

Rule 2: Don’t wear horizontal stripes

Perhaps one of the most pervasive rules that should be trashed – as Tanesha shows, rules were clearly made to be broken.

Credits: @girlwithcurves

Rule 3: Wear a one-piece, not a bikini

How about this? Wear whatever makes you feel happy. As far as we’re concerned, as long as you have a body, and you’re at the beach, you’ve got yourself the highly coveted beach bod.

Credits: @taralynn

Rule 4: Don’t wear animal prints

Some people say that animal prints look trashy and crude on larger women. Those people clearly know nothing, because Liz is looking both adorable and classy in this animal print get-up.

Credits: @withwonderandwhimsy

Rule 5: Don’t wear lighter coloured bottoms, and don’t wear white

Super stylish Ashley is knocking out not one, but TWO pointless fashion rules with her too cool for school outfit. If the girl can rock white jeans, so can you.

Credits: @thisisashrose

Rule 6: Don’t show too much skin

Last time we checked, it was 2018, and that means that you do you. So whether you feel most comfortable in a buttoned up shirt complete with cardigan (hey, the sexy librarian look is a thing), or whether you enjoy flashing a little cleavage, that’s completely fine.

Credits: @gabifresh

Rule 7: Don’t wear anything too oversized

According to the fashion “insiders”, curvy women should steer clear from anything unstructured and oversized, for fear that it will overwhelm you and make you look bigger than you really are. With this picture, our favourite blogger Leah is calling them out on their bullshit.

Credits: @lvernon2000


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  • Maxine Montgomery: October 01, 2018

    This is awesome! I have always gone against the odds. I would get seriously angry when I would go into high fashion stores like Dillard’s and Macy’s and the plus size clothing look like something 80+years old women wear. I am 60 yrs old but I don’t look it. I’m not arrogant by any means but I thank the good LORD for good gene’s and I can pass for 40 yrs old. I don’t mind paying a little extra to look fly. If I like your products(I am picky) when I get my order I’ll treat myself every month or two. 😊

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