What is the Most Expensive Designer Bag? Must Read!


Posted on December 29 2018

What is the Most Expensive Designer Bag? Must Read!

For women, handbags and clutch purses are beyond just a regular accessory. A handbag is indeed a fashion trend that is here forever because every woman sees the need to have one and constantly add various styles and colors to their collections. Bags are used to show off personal taste, but stylish women know to own expensive handbags and clutch purses to display wealth, economic prosperity, and status.

Handbags have gone beyond serving the purpose of keeping your belongings. You can never go wrong investing in expensive bag or clutch purse. The fashion industry keeps evolving with beautiful and gracious designs anyone would covet. There are some handbag brands that have been making waves in the fashion industry. They have the most exclusive and luxurious handbag designs that justify their high prices. There are numerous handbag brands in the world, but these are the most expensive handbag brands.


mouawad most expensive bag in the world by regal gold boutique

There's no accurate way to start a list of the most expensive handbag brands without having Mouawad at the top of the list. The brand was founded by David Mouawad in Beirut in the year 1891. Mouawad brand has one of the most impressive badges worldwide. Brands like Mouawad have given women of standard and class representation. This brand can boast of exclusive and quality handbags and clutch purses that can take your breath away. Most women who shop Mouawad usually have an extensible collection because it's very hard to resist the Mouawad handbags and clutch purses. The products wear a kind of magnet that attracts you to buy everytime you see them.

Just so you know, Mouawad is a Guinness World Record holder. The Diamond 1001 Nights Mouawad Purse was named the most expensive handbag in 2011 by Guinness world record. It came with a value of $3.8 million. The heart shaped bag was handcrafted using 18 karat gold along with 4,517 diamonds in pink (56), yellow (105), and colorless (4,356) having a total weight of 381.92 karats.

Mouawad is a legendary brand with great and exclusive designs that do it every time. Every handbag and clutch purse they make is always detailed and eye-catching.


hermes kelly bag dark blue

Aye! Hermes of Paris is a really popular brand. It's the choice of every celebrity. Hermes handbags and clutch purses are not hard to spot. The brand has a spectacular logo that stands out among other brands. We have never been able to get over any design from Hermes. Every design is evergreen.

Hermes is one of the top handbag brands, and it's arguably the most sought after  brand. Hermes Birkin bag made a name among other brands. They produce handbags and clutch purses of the impeccable quality and standards. Taking a simple look at the Hermes collections, one would be able to tell why this brand is so expensive. They pay maximum attention to finer details. Hermes takes the fashion industry by storm every time with the ever amazing and sophisticated collections they produce. The Hermès Kelly Rose Gold priced at $2 million was designed in collaboration with jeweller Pierre Hardy. Only 12  pieces of this handbag were made and in three varieties.

The Hermès Chaine d’Ancre Bag goes for a whopping price of $1.4 million. This handbag is just very perfect for those looking to have something unique. Only three of this collection was made. Hermes promises to continuously dominate the fashion industry with its amazing designs.

Judith Leiber

judith leiber bags among most expensive bags in the world

Judith Leiber brand is a European startup brand that commands a great deal of respect to be on this list. Despite the fact that this brand is a startup, it has taken the fashion industry by storm with its expensive collections. It's not just the price of Judith Leiber handbags and clutch purses that will amaze anyone but its clientele will, American First Lady, Princesses and Queens around the globe own these designer handbags. Judith Leiber brand is absolutely royal!

 One of Judith Leiber's most famous bags is The Precious Rose, an elegant handbag made with 42 carats of jewels including diamond, tourmaline, and Sapphires. The bag is priced at an incredible amount of $90,000. There are also modern handbags and clutch purses styles of around $1000 to $6000.


chanel bag among most expensive rare alligator

Chanel is a household name in the fashion industry. They are a maker of expensive and beautiful designs. The brand was established by Coco Chanel in 1909. Chanel is a highly versatile brand. They have varieties of products that will definitely blow your mind. There is just that Chanel bag that suits your special occasion. The brand is one of the oldest and most popular brands which continually gives outstanding designs.

The Chanel Diamond Forever is a beautiful design to covet. It features 334 diamonds set in 18 karat gold. It is one of the most dazzling handbags by Chanel. The luxury is priced at 261,000.


Prada is the producer of some of the most expensive bags the world has seen. The fashion brand was founded by Mario Prada a long time ago, in 1913. Prada brand rapidly became the most expensive handbag brand in the world since they always produce incredibly beautiful handbags and clutch purses. It is considered by many as the most luxurious handbag brand in the world, checking out their beautiful collections will get you convinced.

Many celebrities and classy women rock the Prada handbags and clutch purses. It is exclusively for those who have their eyes on excellent quality and fine details. It is a truth that the brand is expensive; however, the quality of their products match their prices.  There is no price you get a Prada handbag or clutch purse that is too much.

Prada bags are the type you rock, and everyone else can't look away from you. The brand is quite versatile. They are a maker of all sort of designs. They have every style to suit your occasion. There's no way you'd walk into a Prada handbag store, and you won't go beyond budget. Buying Prada is giving yourself the luxury you deserve.

Louis Vuitton

louis vuitton bags

It is a delight to have Louis Vuitton handbags on this list. When looking for an expensive and strikingly attractive handbag or clutch purse, Louis Vuitton is the best choice anyone can make. This brand is just everything. They make the kind of product you can't glance at without having to glance again, and then you eventually buy.

Louis Vuitton is often regarded as the most recognizable symbol of class and lavishness. They have given us a reason to be called so with the different jaw-dropping collections they have produced so far. From 2006 to 2012, Louis Vuitton was considered the most valuable of its kind worldwide, displaying a worth of over $25.9 billion.

Some of its famous products are the Louis Vuitton New Age Traveler Backpack which costs not less than $55,000; the Patchwork bag costs $42,00 and the famous waterproof Raindrop Basace which is worth about $2,000.

Every closet must hold a Louis Vuitton, the brightness and elegance it completes every dressing with is amazing.


gucci handbags

Gucci is beautiful! This brand is really popular. It is the biggest selling Italian brand with several stores all over the world. Their handbags and clutch purses will attract cash from your pocket instantly. Gucci is a dynamic brand with lots and lots of beautiful products.

The brand was founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 and has since they became a household name. Gucci prides in being the producer of the best and high-quality leather handbags and clutch purses in the fashion industry. They own over 278 directly operated stores which are managed through upscale department stores.

 The most expensive Gucci handbag, the Jackie Crocodile Shoulder Bag is a sight of beauty mix with high quality, sophistication, and luxury. This unique Gucci product goes for a retail price of approximately $37,000.


No one ever boasts of having expensive bags without having a Fendi bag in her closet. Fendi handbags are outstanding, and they usually come in great and beautiful designs. One of the very good things about Fendi is that you can easily create a signature style with the products. The bags give an instant special look.

The Italian fashion brand was founded in 1925 by Edoardo and Adele Fendi.  The company is currently managed by the delectable Karl Lagerfeld. Currently, the Fendi B bag is the most famous in the world. It flashes a mix of quality and high-end materials like the black crocodile and white lambskin. The Fendi B at such great quality costs $28,000. All Fendi products are just sublime!

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs brand is built on the supreme talent and vision of the talented icon, Marc Jacobs. He was initially working together with Louis Vuitton until he started out to focus more on his brand. He is an award-winning personality that gave his special talent into the fashion industry. Marcs produced many fabulous handbags that we can't but feature the brand here as one of the most expensive handbag brands. His Carolyn Crocodile handbag bears a price tag of $50,000.

What we absolutely love about this brand is the special way it makes you stand out. A woman of poise should own a Marc Jacobs handbag or clutch purse.

Nothing makes a woman more excited and confident than a hand holding a sophisticated, chic and expensive bag. These brands have been rebranding the fashion industry with their juicy collections of handbags and clutch purses for decades. No matter what the price is, you are definitely getting your pay's worth.

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