The Met Gala 2019 – Best Dressed Award Goes to……


Posted on May 08 2019

The Met Gala 2019 – Best Dressed Award Goes to……

The world's most known and popular fashion parade comes live every year on the first Monday of the month of May. The high and mighty heavyweights from various entertainment industries bestowed the audience with their spectacular appearance in the boldest and beautiful costumes. The Gala is said to be the most fashionable affair of the year; there is nothing that can beat the splendor of the Met Gala.

Officially and formerly the Met Gala is known as the Costume Institute Gala, but people usually refer to it by its popular name “Met Gala.” It’s held at Fifth Avenue, Manhattan, New York City for the sole purpose of raising funds for the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute in New York City. Each year there is a definite theme, and the celebrities are bound to dress according to the theme. It’s down to these themes the Gala gets too hot to handle.

The Gala was started in 1948 by Eleanor Lambert, it was a midnight affair, and the tickets were $50 each. New York is known for its social life, and the Met Gala is the glittering crown of that social life.

May of 2019 saw the Gala at its fullest and mightiest.  Celebrities were dressed to the nines. One after another they bestowed the red carpet looking beyond imaginations with the theme being Camp this year! Almost all of them were wearing famous renowned name brands. It was very hard to decide who wore the best costume, here are some famous celebrities and the rundown of their most talked dresses.

Celine Dion:

celine dion met gala 2019 camp notes

The Titanic singing sensation was the black horse of the night. Her stunning dress took everyone’s breath away. Celine Dion herself commented that she would never take the dress off; it’s all hers and only hers. Her show-stopper dress was from Oscar de la Renta. To be specific, the dress was made out of 3000 strands of fringe. The design was floor length, and it was inspired by the dress that Judy Garland sported in the famous “Ziegfeld Girl.” The dress was truly a work of art that was ideally pulled off by the Canadian singer. The body-hugging dress in fish scale sequins enhanced every curve in perfect proportions.

Billy Porter:

billy porter met gala 2019 camp notes

It was the costume but the entrance that stole the show, When Billy Porter arrived on an Egyptian lookalike throne on the shoulders of shirtless sexy men. The outfits of the shirtless men were designed by the Nicolas Putvinski. The entrance was timed perfectly and was pulled out with epic splendor. His entrance was the most talked about the stunt of the Gala. The dress itself was a huge success. The Gala is all about unleashing the artist imagination and creativity.  The Blondes were responsible for the beautiful as well as innovative gold design. The costume consisted of 10-foot wings with 24-karat gold headgear that added five stars to the costume. The gold leaf shoes that he was wearing were from Giuseppe Zanotti. He has always been a huge fan of the blondes, especially the runway theme they did on Egyptian history. It was that show that made him go with “The Blondes.” Besides that his inspiration came from the Egyptian Sun God. To his credit, he loved the whole theme of “camp” it was the perfect idea that made him reflect his own personality without going an extra mile. The theme was just perfect for his personality and it would be an understatement to say that he loved it.

Cardi B:

Cardi B Met gala 2019 Camp notes

If it were an award for the largest and reddest dress, then Cardi B would be the winner, hands down. The dress looked a million dollars and definitely became the talk of the town. Cardi B is known for her bold appearances as well as her bold comments. She is definitely the fearless star that we all can get inspired from. Her nipple jewels were pretty prominent; the dress was paired with lace gloves as well as a shiny bejeweled piece. It was hard to guess what the dress looked as but it did have the element of exaggeration that the theme “Camp” demanded. Her Ruby nipples are rumored to be worth $250,000. Her dress was a reflection of the idea that beauty is about taking risks as well as going to the extreme in a confident manner. Only the likes of Cardi B could have pulled it off and she did, most definitely. Her burgundy gown was so huge that it draped most of the stairs of the venue. It also looked exceptionally comfortable.


Kim Kardashian:

Kim Kardashian West Met gala 2019 camp notes

Kim K has the perfect hourglass body that can give Jessica Rabbit-esque a run for her money. Her dress was the creation of designer “Thierry Mugler.” The look was inspired by “Boy on a Dolphin” a film released in 1957. Her dress was the perfect image of “just got out the sea” look. The dripping diamonds, her wet-looking hair and nude makeup were done to perfection. Her look was mesmerizing, but the fans did speculate about the figure that she showed-off at the Met Gala 2019. The beautiful dress took eight months to make. She did look stunning; with the wet look and the amazing skin, but it was her waist that was the talk of the event. Fans are confused as whether to love the look or condemn it. We leave the judgment up to your guys. Regardless of her body shape the dress looked astounding. The wet effect that was created by the dripping crystal beads looks as good as real. No one could have pulled it off better than the Goddess K.

Janelle Monae:

Janelle Monae met gala 2019

Highlighting Picasso’s African Period of the 1900s, the famous musician wore a dress designed by Christian Siriano. To some the theme was confusing, but to Janelle Monáe, Camp is her DNA. Her dress has a motorized eye that blinked and was set at her breast. The gadget was the creation of Smooth Technology and was seamlessly fitted underneath the dress. Ballooned at the hip, the costume took many by surprise. The black and white side of the dress sports a bold red lip, whereas the other side sports a blinking eye. The headpiece was pretty unusual as well, with hats piled hap-hazard on each other. The dress took a while to make, as Janelle is a hard customer to deal with. With as many as 15 sketches made just to satisfy her, she finally said yes to the blinking eye. Her attention to detail and creativity paid off and the dress was an instant hit at the met gala 2019. It was a beautiful collaboration between her and the innovative designer.

Serena Williams:

serena williams met gala 2019

Serena Williams made a very bright and colorful entrance at the Met Gala 2019. By wearing a Bright yellow Versace gown, with hot pink leaves artistically placed. The dress was a huge hit, and so were her neon Nike sneakers. Her look maybe over the top, but it did make a statement that she, too, has a true artist hidden inside her. Serena is known for her stylish as well as feminine attires in the court, but she did take the audience by surprise when she wore the gown paired with comfortable Nike sneakers. She did change later on, in a corset and flaming pink shorts paired with knee-length heels that were a perfect match of her gown earlier. She is truly a lady who excels at everything she does be it fashion or sports.

Katy Perry:

katy perry met gala 2019 chandelier

If anyone deserves an award for lighting up the red carpet at the Met Gala 2019, it’s Katy Perry. Both her outfits were LIT!!. The chandelier outfit that she wore on the red carpet was truly artistic and she wore it with extreme grace as well. Now that’s what we call illuminating the night. The design was the creation of Moschino. The costume consisted of dazzling and astounding embellished crystals, paired with decorative hanging lights. The hanging lights with many candles as well as adorned crystal beading were a part of her dress. Despite the overbearing waist gear, Katy Perry walked like royalty and pulled the whole thing off with utter grace and poise. Her smile was as lit as her dress. Her headgear was a miniature version of the one sported at her waist. The costume was detailed to perfection; even her heels were gem covered, designed by Judith Leiber. Her second costume created as much hype as her first. Dressed as a hamburger the star looked very unusual indeed.  It was definitely a drastic change from her chandelier outfit.

The Met Gala 2019 was a night that was full of star interpreting the theme “camp” in their own way. It was a mesmerizing event that will be remembered for decades to come. Some understood the camp as “Notes of Camp “while, others took the wrong turn. All in all the night was a huge success with many stars looking beyond our wildest imagination.

Which was your fav outfit for the Met Gala?? Did you question any celebs outfits?  Comment below! 


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