Store Updates and New Collections!!!


Posted on October 27 2017

Store Updates and New Collections!!!

Everytime we have the intention of posting an update on what is happening with Regal Gold Boutique.. Other things come up! 

We hope the puppy eyed cat is enough to forgive us! :)

So it has been a month since our last post following the Curve Fashion Festival which was AWESOME! We met so many great inspirational curvy women and hope to see them again in 2018!! Instead of babbling on... Will share the Pics!!! 

Regal Gold Boutique Pop Up Shop at The Curve Fashion Festival 2017

Regal Gold Boutique Pop Up Shop at the Curve Fashion Festival 2017

Charlotte Crosby face of In the Style with Jay - Regal Gold Boutique

Charlotte Crosby face of In The Style!!!

Tess Holliday

Tess Holliday!! Plus Size Model and advocate of breaking the mold and norm by exposing more diverse body shapes and plus size models/ #effyourbeautystandards

Sandra from Gogglebox Fave of Apples and Pears

Sandra from Gogglebox face of Topsy Curvy Plus Size Fashion with Steph and RGB employee!

Amie Waters Dev Fashon Blogger Insta: blueeyedgirl94

In the meantime, we have been busy with new collections being released and still in production.

VELVET CRUSH COLLECTION was released just a few weeks ago and has been VERY POPULAR!! 

We are jumping out of our skin with EXCITEMENT as we will have something a little different to what people are used to and hope you love it as much as WE DO!! 

Browse our new arrivals available every season

Just before the holidays we have something that EXTRA SPECIAL for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years!! 

We are still new but always trying to figure out how to create the best experience for our customers and what our customers need and want to see us bring in to upcoming collections.

Heres a Hint on what to expect..... Sheer, cover up.... Heavily embellished with lots of BLING (Of Course thats our Signature!!!).

Watch this SPACE!!!......

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  • Fadia hasan : November 18, 2017

    Hi i do like your staff but unfortunately evry thing i want to buy size 18 is not available !!!so when size run out why dont you bring more as long as it makes a good sale !!!

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