Showing Society You can Still SLAY as a Plus Size Diva!!


Posted on March 17 2018


Hey Divas! 

Been a while right? with life, work and everyday obstacles I have been MIA but if you follow us you may know we are on YOUTUBE! 

I wanted to show ladies of all shapes and sizes how to SLAY for the GODS, showing society curvy plus size ladies slay too and look damn good doing it too (if we may say so ourselves!) 

As you can all see I'm a Big girl myself so i know and understand fat girl problems and have my own demons just like the next girl but over the years following many challenges and heartaches have grown to love the skin I am in (Subscribe to Our YouTube Channel RGBDivabyJay and you will hear more about my personal challenges as a plus size girl). 

My motto is to live each day like its your last because we don't know if it will be or not. So STOP that attitude we ALL have of

'I love that dress but need to lose weight first'    OR

'No shopping till I have lost 10lbs to fit into a size 10' 

These statements mean we are living and breathing on our WEIGHT!

Is that life? 

Will you wear a black bin bag & be miserable until you get to that ideal weight? 

What if tomorrow (god forbid) you don't wake up? IT HAPPENS EVERYDAY. So you would have gone through life not living your best and letting the hangups of weight not allow you express yourself, feel good, feel like a woman, feel like a Queen? 

Just ponder on that for a moment ladies.

That attitude needs to be an unwanted guest we leave at the door. We must live to feel good and look good, if that means feeling Glitzy and Glamorous  then LETS DO IT!! 

Following my ramble LOL back to our New YouTube Channel RGB DIva By Jay!

We post every Thursday at 7pm GMT/ 3pm EST and you should expect hauls, lookbooks and beauty videos. Of course, we will be showcasing Regal Gold Boutique Collections because they say a picture says a thousand words but a Video must say a Million! 

Check out just one of our Video's on YouTube. 


LADIES! We LIVE for Feedback and want to hear what you think, what you want to see, we LOVE positive feedback but we also would love to here the cons whether we want to hear it or not! It helps us all GROW! 

Further updates are soon to come! 

Smooches XOXO




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