Plus Size Swimsuit Cover ups You Need in Your Life!


Posted on April 23 2019

Plus Size Swimsuit Cover ups You Need in Your Life!

Are you planning your next vacations to the Bahamas? Or, maybe somewhere serene and exotic like the desserts and beaches of Dubai? Even if your summer plans are just a streak of a bunch of staycations and pool parties, every girl needs a couple of great swimsuit cover ups. A beach cover up is more than, well, just a cover up! For starters, it is a great fashion accessory to pose in and take some photos for your Instagram feed. If you are a curvy babe and looking for some stunning plus size swimsuit cover ups for spring/summer 2019, let us share with you our favourite trendy styles for the season.
You absolutely need to try these four plus size swimsuit cover up styles for yourself:

1.  An Embellished Kaftan Cover up

Okay, this one is not your average plus size swimsuit cover up, the one that you would wear to actually lay sun basking on the sand or chase water waves. This is one for a glamorous Arabian night themed carnival on the beach or perhaps it is better termed as a royal holiday essential. A heavily embellished kaftan-inspired piece in black with gold beads and stone. Wear it on top of your swimsuit and channel your inner queen in style.

2.   A Crochet Poncho

crochet poncho swim wear
Crochet has been around since forever but wearing it now kind of radiates strong retro wave fashion vibes. If you are one to wear cheeky bikinis at the beach, we deem this to be a perfect cover up for the day; not big enough to steal the thunder away from you bikini, this complements it by adding a nice feminine touch. Curl your hair for more of a 80s super models vibe!

3.  A Maxi Cover up

One of our personal favorites swimsuit cover ups that could easily be doubled as a vacation outfit are the maxi duster cover ups. With ruffled sleeves and long length, they look appeasing to the eyes; feel nice; and photograph well. What more could you ask for!

4.  A Sheer Mesh Cover up
Last but not the least, we totally dig the Kendal Jenner approved sheer mesh shirts as swimsuit cover ups! If picked correctly, they make your legs appear long and sexy! These are perfect to pull off that swimsuits to the streets trend that was quite the thing last summers. Wear it with retro sunglasses and sneakers and you are all set for the streets!

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