Inspiration from these unbelievably fierce plus size models


Posted on April 11 2017

Inspiration from these unbelievably fierce plus size models

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Plus sized women have been body-shamed for too long, and bullied into dressing in a highly restrictive way. To all the plus sized women out there who haven’t had the confidence to experiment with fashion and have fun with it, it’s time to stick up for yourself and ignore the naysayers.

It’s 2017, and we’ve moved forward enough to know that the most important thing is staying healthy – regardless of whether you’re a size 4, size 12, or size 16. As long as you’re doing right by your body, and you feel good about your lifestyle and habits, that’s all that matters. You don’t owe the critics an explanation – and you don’t have to dress the way to tell you to.

Need some plus size clothing inspiration to help you spice up your look and subvert the norms of traditional plus size fashion? Look to these unbelievably fierce plus size models who are rocking everything they’re wearing:

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Fluvia Lacerda

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Credits: @fluvialacerda

In her printed dress, overcoat, and platform shoes, Fluvia is every bit the classy dame. We’re also jealous of how beautifully she pulls off her bold red lip!

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Georgina Horne


Credits: @fullerfigurefullerbust

Georgina’s signature look involves full skirts and dresses, but she looks equally amazing in a more masculine outfit featuring jeans and a leather jacket. Also, is that a glittery clutch that we spot?

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Ragini Nag Rao


Credits: @kittehinfurs

A little bit preppy, a little bit twee, and a whole lot adorable – that’s how we’d describe Ragini’s style. There’s a lot to love about this outfit – including the pop of colour on the collar, the perfect fit of the skirt, and how the leggings complete the look.

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Candice Huffine


Credits: @candicehuffine

How can Candice look this great, even when she’s mid-jog and has zero makeup on? We have mad respect for her – just for proving that athleisure isn’t limited to stick-thin women, and that women with fuller figures can look equally fabulous in sportswear.

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Marquita Pring


Credits: @marquitapring

In our dreams, we’d have Marquita on our own #girlsquad. In your moments of weakness, when you’re obsessively googling “how to achieve a bikini bod” on your laptop, she’ll be the one to tell you not to be ridiculous, and that all women look good in bikinis.

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Nadia Aboulhosn


Credits: @nadiaaboulhousn

Anyone who’s ever said that plus size women should stick to dark colours and avoid wearing white clearly don’t know what they’re talking about – because Nadia is absolutely killing it in this all-white outfit.

Plus Size Clothing Inspiration: Kellie Brown


Credits: @itsmekellieb

We hardly see plus size women taking risks or trying anything fun or trendy – which is why we love how Kellie is rocking this cheeky graphic tee.

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