Plus Size Party Dresses for Xmas that will make your night go with a BANG!


Posted on December 05 2018

Plus Size Party Dresses for Xmas that will make your night go with a BANG!

There is something magical about the  Christmas holidays maybe because it's that time of the year you get to spend quality time with your loved ones and throw on fhe sparkliest party dress flaunting your curves because you can!

Maybe it's because of the whole ambiance such as Christmas trees, tinsel, Christmas's magical.

Maybe it has something to do with the copious amounts of alcohol, food and festive joy and spirit. Don’t play like that’s not the reason, I am not alone.

It's also a time of the year to wind down and finally enjoy all your hard work with your work colleagues when it comes to the yearly office Christmas Party.

I always look forward to the office party! It's that time you get to see top management and Directors let their hair down and talk to you properly.. YES that’s right they actually speak to you and are human!

But.. for me personally as a curvy girl I then immediately struggle with finding the perfect plus size evening dress for black tie events.

I get anxious and it is actually a frustrating process.  

The same questions are tabled in my mind...

Could I get away with recycling my outfit I wore last year?

Not sure why I ask myself this question because the answer is always a resounding NO because sure enough there's going to be that one person, the ‘billy know it all’ that notices and makes mention of it known in front of all your mates. Cringe moment!

Next question is….

Where will I get an evening gown in-store that is for plus size women?

We all know that 9/10 high street clothing stores these days do not have womens plus size clothing section worthy of even browsing because they only stop at a UK size 18/ US size 14, not to even talk of finding evening dresses.  Furthermore,  you ask the shop floor assistant about larger sizes  in-store and we get the same churned out response:

“Oh no, sorry.. we have a very limited plus size range instore but you can definitely get it online”


It ends up being a waste of your time, energy and becomes the most frustrating process shopping instore as a curvy girl, all because stores don’t have enough floor space or even want to accommodate plus size ranges instore.

So, to the rescue Google!

We hop on to Google and frantically start searching for formal evening dresses for plus size women.

The same old sites throw up the same old styles you had seen last year. It was boring then and it's boring now.

You know what you want, you have it envisioned in your mind, but no store seems to have it.

Just envision…

You look stunning, you have a bounce in your step, and a sway in your hips, you turn heads as you majestically walk into the christmas party and receive a tonne of compliments. That cute guy you've had your eye on has finally just taken notice.

BINGO!! You've caught his attention. Mission accomplished. Roll on 2019!


But wait how will you do that with an imaginary Xmas party dress?

Here’s just a few options, that fit the occasion perfectly

Click here  - Diana Cape Gown 

Passion Jonesz in the Plus Size Diana Cape Evening Gown

For that classic, timeless look, this is a top choice for black tie events. An array of hand embellished beading and crystal intricately dispersed all over the bust of this gown. The cape at the waist adds an element of opulence which is the perfect effect you need for a special party or event. This is definitely an evening gown that would be remembered.


Enter Egyptian Queen… The Cleopatra Choker Evening Gown.


This long formal gown is not for the faint hearted. If you want a true WOW factor, Get This Dress. It is the perfect Fit and Flare dress that every plus size woman should own and have in their closets. Fit and flare gowns are highly flattering to the figure and the heavy embellishments on this gown distract and take away from any problem areas.  


Lastly, the Saskia Cross Choker Evening gown is a more subtle yet sexy gown suitable for any evening black tie affair.


How do these plus size christmas party dresses fit the bill?

Yay or Nay?


Comment below! 


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