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Plus Size Womens Christmas/ New Year Outfit Ideas 2017/2018! Tis the Season to be Glam!

Its that time of year again, where you:

Drag the Christmas tree out from the attic or shed or simply buy a new one because somehow unknown “things” have destroyed the one you had last year.

Untangle the Christmas lights for hours on end but swore you packed it impeccably the Christmas before to avoid this same task again!

Start planning on how we are going to blow our entire Christmas budget (knowingly or unknowingly) on presents and be broke by New Years

And last but definitely not the least.....Plan the family and friends Christmas Party!!

All sounds so tedious and stressful doesn’t it? But we still put ourselves through it year in and year out and Enjoy EVERY BIT of it too!!!

Not sure what you are going to wear this year for the Christmas Party or New Year as a Plus Size Girl?

We have put together 3 Christmas /New year Plus Size Party Outfit ideas

Plus size Christmas Outfit Idea #1

Dress: Cleo Choker Midi 

Bag: Monarch Clutch Bag in Gold


Christmas Plus Size Outfit Ideas


Plus Size Christmas Outfit Idea #2

Duster: MAJESTY Duster/cover up embellished in pearls and crystals

Bag: Monarch clutch bag in Silver  

Christmas Plus Size Outfit Ideas

Plus Size Christmas Outfit Idea #3

Dress: Isabelle Bardot dress Regal Gold Boutique 


isabelle bardot dress

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