Regal Gold Boutique's 1st Appearence at the The Curve Fashion Festival in partnership with New Look in Liverpool on Sat 9th Sept 2017!!

We are soo excited and nervous and a little bit apprehensive to be at the curve fashion festival this year on Saturday 9th September 2017 from 10am till 5pm!! 

The Curve Fashion Festival first launch in 2015 and has continuously grown from strength to strength in number and recognition with New Look establishing a partnership with them! It is a full day of girly shopping, Chit chat, Fashion shows and Industry seminars with bloggers and Celebs as well as Meet and greets. 

So many exciting things to look forward too and alot of Celebs and Bloggers making appearences while little old us are there. 

Heres a sneak peak of the fun times last year!

Photo credits to the curve fashion festival 2016

2017 guests will include Tess Holliday, Grace F Victory, Gemma Collins, Felicity Hayward and plenty more! 

Stay tuned for a follow up on how it went and who we met!

To get tickets for this event follow the link below:

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P.S. We will be doing EXCLUSIVE sales up to 60% OFF on the day at jaw dropping prices! Its one you wont want to miss!!

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